"We specialise in helping clients make effective investments."

What we do

Whether it is a new home or an investment, we are here to help you find a dream property.

At first we will listen and process your exact specifications.
Then we will scan the market to pick out properties that will match your criteria.
When you’re ready to visit the properties, we will deal with all practical arrangements.

When we find your dream property

We will stay at your side every step of the way.

We will help you negotiate the best possible price.
If needed, we will arrange meetings with a technical architect and a lawyer to make sure that everything is technically and legally correct with the property.

After your purchase

We have great relationships with a number of collaborators, such as architects, builders, interior designers and other.

We will be happy to put you in touch to make your move into your new place as smooth as possible.

ThinkPalma Team

Luisa Gahn

Listing agent
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What you can see listed on our website is just a small selection of our available listings, you can tell us in more detail what you are looking for by sending us an email.

We will contact you with property suggestions suited to your request.

We offer a personalised service of finding the right property for you.

Using our vast connections, collaborating real estate agents, builders, and trusted sellers,
we will present you with a selection of properties filtered to your needs.
We can help you find the perfect property or investment project in Palma or any other area of the island.

Our service helps you save and manage your time better.

You only need one point of contact.

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